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Monthly Archives: December 2017
  • Is It OK to Let Your Pet Sleep in Bed With You?
    Should Pets Be Allowed to Sleep in Bed with You?                 Okay, campers, it’s awfully coooold out there and we’ve had some snow so, wouldn’t it be nice to snuggle in Read more
  • Top Five Holiday Hazards to Pets
    Holiday and Winter Hazards                 Christmas is nearly upon us and Patton Veterinary Hospital wants you to enjoy the season safely along with your pets.  This week we talk about some Read more
  • Feline Mammary Tumors
    Feline Breast Cancer Patton Veterinary Hospital has seen several pets recently with mammary tumors.  This week’s blog focuses on feline mammary tumors.  Cats have chains of four mammary glands each running Read more
  • Metabolic Bone Disease
    Metabolic Bone Disease in Reptiles                 In addition to our own bearded dragon, Sydney, Patton sees a number of reptiles including snakes, turtles and lizards.  Reptiles can be difficult to care Read more


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