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Adopted: September 2010
Number of pets: 3 cats, (‘George’, Lulu’ and ‘JR’) and 1 dog, ‘Duke’

A native of Lancaster County, Jennifer Gates joined the staff of PVH in August 2010. She is a graduate of both Columbia High School and Willow St Vocational Technical School, where she completed veterinary technician courses. She has been an animal lover all her life, and fondly recalls the times she spent volunteering at the Lancaster Humane League.

Jenn’s duties as a PVH nurse include a wide range of care and services, and she finds it impossible to choose a favorite among them. “I like it all!” she says. “I love animals and I always enjoy the days when we can help them and make them better.”

During her off time, Jenn maintains an active personal life as well. In addition to country line dancing, she and her husband are also kayaking enthusiasts and often spend their weekends on the Susquehanna River. They hope to plan more long-distance kayaking trips in the near future.

And perhaps her most unique hobby is a contemporary twist on the art of the treasure hunt–geocaching. Having grown in popularity over the past several years, geocaching begins with a set of geological coordinates found on a central website. The numbers are then entered into a GPS system in order to lead the player to a local park or hiking trail. A logbook is kept at the destination and perhaps a few trinkets or prizes. The player is then directed to replace a treasure with one of their own. Jenn finds the quest a great form of exercise, and also a great chance to hang out with her dog Duke!