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Competitive Benefits offered:

Training period with individual mentorship, enrollment in a biannual bonus program, health/dental/vision insurances, short-term and long-term disability insurance, supplemental insurance, 401K with employer match, paid holidays, vacation, and sick time, uniform allowance, continuing education allowance, and employee discounts for personal pets, plus more!


The veterinary technician is the primary support to the doctors and animals. The technician must be able to respond quickly, calmly, and accurately during times of crisis. The technician must be timely, efficient, knowledgeable, caring and professional at all times, as well as being a team player. The technician must be able to maintain a high level of patient care and communicate well with pet owners and co-workers. Veterinary technicians must have a broad knowledge of animal science, medicine, and husbandry, including a basic knowledge of pharmacology and sufficient mathematical skills to ensure the accurate administration of drug and fluid doses. He or she must be able to successfully restrain animals, and complete clinical laboratory tests Technicians must also deliver compassionate and low stress care.

Outpatient Technician- Condensed job duty

  • Works closely with the veterinarian to keep appointments running as smoothly as possible.
  • Works with our Technician Assistant to ensure in-house and external lab work is prepped and run according to protocol.
  • Complete Technician appts (lab work/injections/fluids/anal gland expressions etc.)
  • Prepare & fill medications and communicate messages to owners.
  • Complete exam room template and gather complete history +/- TPR for appointments.
  • Be familiar with vaccinations and proper location.
  • Initiate diagnostics or procedures as necessary
  • Client education
  • Assist with euthanasia.
  • Invoice charges in the patient record and prepare treatment plans.

Inpatient Technician/Surgery Technician- Condensed job duty

  • Coordinate patient transfers.
  • Accurately prepare medications and prescriptions for dispensing as directed by the doctor.
  • Discharge patients. Instruct clients on the care of patients at home.
  • Provide basic life support, including CPR, airway maintenance, and oxygen therapy.
  • Able to provide a variety of diagnostics (radiographs, laser, cytology, lab work, etc...)
  • Familiar with anesthetic machines, oxygen, vaporizers etc...
  • Monitoring of hospitalized and surgical patients.
  • Ability to prep and assist surgical procedures and monitor patient recovery.
  • Monitor surgical patients by tracking anesthetic depths, heart rates, respiratory rates, temperatures, pulse oximetry, and ECGs during anesthetic procedures.
  • Ability to perform dental scaling and polishing along with dental radiographs.

Receptionists (Client Relations Specialist)

Receptionists (who are also called client-relations specialists) are the customer-relations experts in a veterinary practice. They are the clients’ first impression of the practice, on the phone or in person.

  • Outgoing individual with exceptional customer service skills.
  • Strong organizational skills, excellent telephone and in-person communication skills, and the ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • Compassion for animals and their owners and understand the stress that patients and clients endure.
  • Display the ability to learn new things and understand and educate clients on hospital services, procedures and vaccine protocols.
  • Greeting clients; differentiating routine cases from emergency cases; and scheduling appointments.
  • Has a high level of computer proficiency to use the hospital’s database software (Cornerstone), Word, Excel, and email.
  • Experience managing multi-line phone systems.
  • Ability to enter client, patient, and financial data into the practice management software while also generating invoices and explaining them to clients, processing payments, and managing the retrieval and storage of medical records.
  • Ability to manage multiple dashboards, software and apps throughout the day.