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Surgery day in the eyes of Spike the dog

A Very Weird Day


Spike the Dog

Today, I did NOT get breakfast. I gently reminded Mom that there should be food in my bowl, but she didn’t seem to understand. She gave me lots of hugs and kisses, but no food!

I almost forgot about breakfast when she got out my leash. Where were we going? For a walk? To the dog park? Where, where, where?

We got in the car. When we turned a certain corner, I knew the sad truth. We were going to THAT PLACE. There are nice people there but sometimes they poke me with things. What were they going to do to me today? Whatever they did, at least I knew I would get a treat afterward and everyone would tell me what a good boy I was, which is true, of course.

But then the day got even weirder. Not only did Mom take me to THAT PLACE, she left me there. The people there made a big fuss over me. They petted me and talked to me, but I saw that Mom looked a little worried when she walked out the door. And even though everyone was very nice, no one remembered to give me any food.

The people took me into a big room where there were all kinds of other dogs, and even some cats. I could hear them and smell them even if I couldn’t see them. Where are the kitties, I kept asking the people, but they were too busy poking me to answer. I guess they thought I wouldn’t notice whatever they were sticking in my butt if they petted me and talked to me gently, but I sure DID. After they were done with my butt, they put something sharp in my leg and a little blood came out into a tube, and then they put me in a cage with a soft blanket. I checked for food, but there wasn’t any. The other dogs in other cages were all asking me what was going on, but I didn’t know either.

In a little while, they took me out of the cage and the White Coat looked in my eyes and ears and mouth. I don’t know what she thought was in there. Nothing to eat, that’s for sure! She put something cold and hard and shiny on my chest and looked like she was listening for something, which I thought was strange. I don’t keep anything in there either! Then she felt my belly and pulled my hair apart and looked at my skin. I remembered this part from coming to THAT PLACE before, so I started to relax, but then they poked me AGAIN. What is with these people? This time was different, though, because I started to feel a little weird. Everything started looking wavy. And I started feeling kinda sleepy. And my legs didn’t work so good.

Someone carried me to a table. And there was this buzzy thing on my belly which seemed to be eating my hair. And they put this snaky thing down my throat. It didn’t hurt, it kinda tickled. And then I was carried to another table in another room. There were beepy things in there, and bright lights, and two or three people moving around. The people looked weird, even for the people at THAT PLACE, because they were all covered up, even their faces. Then they covered up my face, too, and I smelled something really funny. But I can’t remember any more. I guess I fell asleep. 


When I woke up, I was wrapped in a blanket and someone was holding me. I started coughing a little, because I could feel the snaky thing in my throat, and the person took it out right away. She put me back in my cage and tucked me up in a warm blanket. I even had a stuffed bunny to curl up with, just like at home! I slept a lot, but sometimes they would come talk to me and pet me. One more little poke at my butt, and then lots of hugs and kisses.

When I didn’t feel so sleepy anymore, a wonderful thing happened. They brought me two bowls, one with a little water, and one with a little FOOD! I was so happy. I gobbled it right up and asked for more but they didn’t give me any.

In a little bit, they put a leash on me and took me outside to potty. My legs were still a little shaky, but not as bad as before. And there were lots of great smells in the grass.

When I was back in my cage, I realized my belly felt strange. I tried to lick it but the people wouldn’t let me. One of the other dogs didn’t stop licking when they told him to, and they put this big weird thing on his head. He couldn’t lick anymore plus he looked RIDICULOUS.

 I slept some more, and talked to the other dogs, and tried to see some kitties. I sure was hungry, I told everyone, and the other dogs agreed.

Then they took me out of the cage, and took off the sticky stretchy thing that was on my leg in one of the places where they poked me. I licked my leg there because it felt funny but then I remembered not to. They put a bandana around my neck just like Mom does sometimes, and sprayed me with some stuff that smelled pretty good. I don’t know why they did that since I was covered in all kinds of interesting smells. But then I forgot about the spray because they put a leash on me and I realized right away it was MY leash. From HOME. I started to get very excited.

They took me into another room, and I saw MOM. She was so happy to see me. But not as happy as I was to see her.

On the way home, I told her all about MY VERY WEIRD DAY, and I could tell she wanted to hear everything about it. AND THEN when we got home, and this was almost as good as seeing Mom again, she filled my food bowl.


And that was the end of my very weird day.

Written by the late Julie Good - Office Manager 1999-2013 - She was one of a kind. Her compassion and heart was unmatched by any other. She was adored and very much missed.