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We are happy to offer our clients at Patton Veterinary Hospital a safe, clean place to keep their pets while offering a compassionate, trained staff to spoil them during their stay. We have canine camera runs available if you’d like to keep an eye on your companion while you’re away, as well as an outdoor kennel yard where they can run and play. Bring their favorite ball or Frisbee and we’ll put them to good use! In addition, if your pet has a medical condition, or an emergency should arise during their stay, our trained medical team will ensure that they get the proper care. While your pet is here, we can give them a bath, nail trim, or ear cleaning, if you like. Call our staff for reservations and rates. Of course, hugs and kisses are always included at no extra charge! It is the mission of the Patton Veterinary Animal Care Staff to provide every client and their companion with the best overall experience while in our care.

Clipping Mats

Long-haired cats are beautiful. If they enjoy being brushed they are likely to stay that way. However, some cats do not like to be brushed, and sometimes even the most fanatical self-groomer can’t tame big, stubborn mats. Especially if there are stray bits of things tangled up in them. That’s where Patton Veterinary Hospital comes in; we have clippers and we’re not afraid to use them! Just remember that we’re not professional groomers, so when Fluffy comes home she may not look like a show cat, but she will be mat-free. She’ll be healthier and more comfortable, and you’ll both be happier.


Sometimes your dog gets dirty. (Cats do, too, but as a general rule are much better at cleaning themselves!) Maybe your dog is too big to lift into the tub or won’t get in willingly. Or maybe your dog just doesn’t look at bath time as a special bonding time with you. If this is the case, bring your dog to us and our trained staff will get him clean, soft and fluffy for you. Your dog should be a patient here and up-to-date on vaccines. Save yourself some time and frustration – just call to make an appointment!