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Pet Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Does your pet have a torn cruciate ligament in his knee or does she have a “trick knee” (luxating patella) causing chronic lameness? Patton veterinary hospital deals with these and several other types of orthopedic problems. From diagnosis to treatment to post-operative care, we can help your pet recover from a variety of orthopedic injuries.

We offer cranial cruciate ligament surgery using a method called the “tightrope” technique to repair this common injury in dogs.

PVH also offers removal of the femoral head (ball of the femur) known as femoral head and neck excision for patients with severe hip dysplasia who cannot have a total hip replacement or for treating a dislocated hip that cannot be replaced into the socket.

Patellar luxation (a kneecap that slips out of place) can be repaired with surgery to deepen the groove of the tibia so the patella will not slip.

We are also able to do limited surgical repairs of simple fractures, though, in many cases, these injuries are best left to the orthopedic specialists! Of course, we are also able to apply splints and fiberglass casts if applicable to your pet’s type of fracture.

Oxygen Therapy

Sometimes, serious illnesses like pneumonia or congestive heart failure or a trauma to the lungs as when a pet is hit by a car may necessitate the need for supplemental oxygen. Fortunately, we are able to offer oxygen therapy on a limited basis (not recommended for overnight care) with an oxygen cage or via mask or nasal cannula if a patient needs oxygen.

Cold Laser Therapy

Patton Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer a state of the art treatment known as cold laser therapy. A cold laser uses light to excite cells and reduce inflammation. It can be used for a variety of medical conditions but is most often used as an adjunct treatment for arthritis, to treat wounds and to treat post-surgical orthopedic cases and incisions. Click here for more information.

Non-elective or Emergency Surgery

In addition to elective procedures such as spays or neuters, we are also capable of performing many non-elective surgeries for a variety of reasons. Emergency surgery for bloat or intestinal foreign bodies, tumor removal, cystotomy or surgery of the bladder for removal of bladder stones, perineal urethrostomy for blocked cats, and many other types of soft tissue surgery can be performed in our surgical suite.


Sometimes your pet’s health problem requires more intensive care than can be provided at home. We may need to hospitalize him or her for supportive care, such as oxygen or fluid therapy. As we work towards a diagnosis of your pet’s problem, we will be able to provide treatment to ensure his or her recovery.

Our doctors will call you on a regular basis to keep you updated on your pet’s condition, and of course you’re welcome to call us to check on your companion. Depending on the circumstances, you may also be able to spend time with your pet in our visitation room. We will do everything we can to get your pet back home to you as quickly as possible!

Elective Surgeries

We offer surgical procedures such as dog/cat spay or castrations, hernia repairs, and removal of masses (lumps & bumps). We are able to perform these daily surgical procedures with the newest monitoring technology and equipment. We monitor oxygen flow, CO2 flow, ECG respiration, temperature and blood pressure. We strongly believe in pain medication for all surgical procedures to make recovery as easy as possible along with lots of TLC.

Blood Transfusions

If your dog or cat develops anemia, they may require a blood transfusion. Anemia (a low red blood cell count) may be caused by trauma or a variety of other reasons. Symptoms include lethargy and pale gums. Your pet will need to be hospitalized. The transfusion will come from a blood donor or blood bank. This will temporarily replace the lost blood cells. However, unless we find the underlying cause of the condition, it will not solve the original problem.