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Dental Care

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Dental Cleanings

Does your dog have bad breath? Is your cat drooling or having trouble eating? Checking inside your pet’s mouth is an important part of an examination at Patton Veterinary Hospital. We want to make sure their teeth are pearly white and their gums are pink and healthy. If you look in your pet’s mouth and see brown gunk, imagine that gunk traveling throughout your pet’s system, leaving trails of bacteria wherever it goes.

To stop these bacteria in their tracks, we may recommend a dental cleaning. After checking your pet’s blood work, he or she will be put under anesthesia while being monitored closely. We will take digital x-rays before and after extractions to make sure we know what’s going on both above and below the gum line. There are things you can do at home to help – brushing your pets’ teeth, for instance, although not all pets will tolerate this. There are veterinary dental chews, and even water additives, that will help prevent the buildup of plaque. But understand that even with the best intentions and the best dental care on your part, your pet still may need a dental cleaning. Like people, some pets just have bad teeth!

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