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Jessica Vancamp

Jess has held an interest in helping animals all of her life.  In fact, one of her favorite childhood memories is a story she tells while grinning.  Jess discovered one of her rooster's toes had lost its nail; she immediately took action to clean and wrap the toe.  Jess continues her story with a chuckle, “My mother received a fright when she walked into the kitchen and discovered a rooster sitting in the sink while I was performing this first aid."

Jess attended Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA.  Though Jess has been in the field for several years, she says the reason she was drawn to PVH was because of the high standard of care that we give, the quality of the facility, and the friendliness of our staff.  Jess goes on to say that she loves to educate clients as well as team members and finds client interactions to be very satisfying.  What she finds most difficult are cases of patients with non-treatable illnesses.  Jess's passion for education clearly shines through in her communication and, because of this, she has accepted the additional roles of Training Coordinator and Nursing Coordinator.  She is excited to have the opportunity to assist staff with training and continuing education as well as to work with the nurses in an ongoing effort to provide the best patient care possible.

On a personal note, Jess loves to camp, cook, and do anything crafty.  She lives in Dover with her husband, Len, and step-kids.  She loves to hang out with her pups, Dexter, an Old English Sheepdog, and Bogey, a Collie. Although she doesn’t own one anymore, her favorite animal is a horse. Jess would someday love to travel to Greece to visit the place where her grandmother was raised.