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Give Your Kitty the Best Christmas Ever!

Give Your Kitty the Best Christmas!

               Tired of the same old cat toys?  There’s nothing wrong with laser lights and catnip mice, but there are some pretty cool cat toys out there.  If you want to spoil your kitty this holiday, check out these great ideas.

               Interactive toys like ball-and-track games are favorites among many felines.  Some have a single round track while others have stacked rings with multiple balls (Some brands include Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy, Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy and the Bergan Turbo Scratcher).  Cats bat the ball with their paw and chase it around the track.  Some even have a scratching pad in the center.  There are also similar electronic versions which have a mouse that runs around a track or under a circle of fabric providing an exciting chase for your cat.

               If you want to have more of a part in your cat’s play, there are also toys that have strings, fabric or feathers on the end of a wand that you can wiggle and move for your kitty to pounce on.  The Cat Dancer Wand seems to be a popular pick this year.

               There are a lot of cats who are trying to mimic Santa with bellies that shake like a bowl full of jelly.  If you have a rather-ahem-rotund kitty who may have weight loss on his or her list of New Year’s resolutions, an interactive feeding toy might be a good choice.  These toys come in many shapes but the idea is to put your cat’s kibble in the toy encouraging your cat to move the toy around so the food or treats fall out as a reward (some brands include the PetSafe SlimCat Meal dispensing cat toy, a variety of puzzle toys by Trixie, and the Doc & Phoebe Indoor Hunting Feeder).

               Hopefully, these suggestions give you some ideas to make your cat’s Christmas or Hanukkah very merry this year.  However, we all know that most cats prefer the box or some crumpled up wrapping paper so, they should still have fun even if they don’t like the toys!

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