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Holiday Activities to Do With Your Pet

Holiday Activities to Do with Your Pet

Christmas is fast approaching and Hanukkah is underway.  Hopefully, all your trees are decorated, presents are wrapped, and cookies, latkes and other holiday foods prepared. Pets are family, too, and we all love including our four-legged friends in holiday celebrations. Here are some things you can do with your pet this holiday season.

  • Pack up the pets and take a drive around the neighborhood to see the lights. Now, most cats are probably not fans of riding in the car, so this is mostly for our canine companions.  If your pet doesn’t enjoy car rides or gets carsick, skip this one, but, if your pup likes going for a ride in the car, it’s a great way to spend more time together. If your neighborhood has a lot of festive houses, and it’s not too cold, a walk to see the lights is also a great dog-friendly activity.
  • Speaking of walking, taking a walk with your dog is a good idea any time of year. If you have time off this holiday, walking with your pet can be a great way for you both to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Limit time outside in extremely cold temperatures, but, otherwise, enjoy the sunshine and crisp winter air!
  • Make treats for your pets. If you are into crafts or cooking, this one’s for you! There are lots of recipes out there for making your own tasty dog and cat treats. Use Christmas or Hanukkah cookie cutters for cute holiday treats. No time to bake? You could add festive touches to store bought biscuits by dipping in melted white chocolate, candy melts or carob and adding a few sprinkles. Don’t overdue the sweet stuff, though, and limit the number of treats your pet eats.  Pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs or some reptiles such as bearded dragons or turtles might enjoy a special treat of a cube of butternut squash or pumpkin, a cranberry or two or even veggies cut into cute Christmas shapes. Again, let your pet enjoy in moderation. Too much pumpkin or too many cranberries may cause digestive issues. Making a quick catnip toy can also be a fun treat for you and your cat! Stuff a cardboard tube or a sock with some catnip, close the ends, and decorate as you wish!
  • Snuggle up and read, binge-watch holiday shows or simply take a nap! Almost any pet enjoys a good lazy day at home with their people. Cuddle up in a cozy blanket, stay in your PJs and veg out with your pets.
  • Capture the moment! Pets are often the subject of photos and holidays are no different. Have a fun photo shoot with your pet by the tree, wearing matching sweaters, sporting a new collar or pose in whatever way catches your fancy. Be as creative as you like but be safe: Don’t give pets access to lit strings of lights, lit candles or other potential hazards.

No doubt most pets will enjoy new toys, special treats or new collars or clothing. We hope you all enjoy the peace and love of the holiday season with your favorite furry buddies this year.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all!

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