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Merry Christmas!!

I saw Marty kissing Frankie-Claus!

Best Holiday Wishes to Our PVH Clients!

               This week, Christmas is upon us at last.  The trees are trimmed, the presents are wrapped and the cookies are baked (at least I hope!).  I have always enjoyed Christmas Eve more that Christmas Day.  The excitement and anticipation of what is yet to come has always been more fun to me than the day itself.  

      Christmas always seems a little bittersweet as well.  We hang so much hope and expectation on this holiday and it is easy to become nostalgic remembering Christmases past, loved ones no longer with us and the end of another year.  But Christmas is also a light in the dark of winter, a time to look back and reminisce as well as to look forward to all that is yet to come, and a time to spend with family and friends that we may not see any other time of year. 

          Of course, we would never forget our pets during the holidays.  For so many of us, they bring unlimited love, joy and comfort to us every day.  We share our celebration of the season with them. They are family pure and simple, and we love them. 

               I want to take this moment to say “Thank You” to all of our wonderful clients who trust not only me but all of our veterinarians and support staff to care for their pets throughout the year.  We would not be here without you, and we appreciate you choosing Patton Vet over all the other veterinarians in the area. 

               I would also like to thank Dr. Schmidt and all of my fellow vets and coworkers for making PVH such a wonderful place to work.  I have worked here for fourteen years, and I hope to continue to provide good veterinary care to our community for many more.  I could not imagine a better place to be.

               On behalf of all of us at Patton Veterinary Hospital, I want to wish you all peace, joy and good health at Christmas and in the year to come. 

                              Have a very Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dr. Walters

Photo--"I saw Marty kissing Frankie-Claus!"  Dr. Walters' pups enjoy a sweet holiday moment.

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