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Dog With Neoplasia

Sharon asks,

I have a dog with a neoplasia on his shoulder, its pretty big and full of blood, had all kinds of tests done but not the CT scan, can't afford to do that. Removal was recommended but worried that he could lose a lot of blood.  Is this something your facility can do. I have all the records and the lump appeared in 2 days, it's the size of a softball.

Dr. Spencer's response:


Thank you for you question. I am sorry that your poor pup is has a tumor. We are able to do many types of soft tissue surgery here at Patton Veterinary Hospital. In order to assess our ability to best treat your dog, we would first need to examine him. This will help us make the appropriate recommendations regarding his tumor. Please call or email us to set up an appointment so that one of our five doctors may better assist you.

Dr. Kathleen Spencer