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Puppies Biting

I am sorry to hear Rylee is getting over-stimulated and being a little too aggressive when playing! Puppy play biting is a common problem and there are several things you can do to correct this behavior, though it may take some time to completely change this behavior.
Any physical punishment, including tapping her with a newspaper is NOT recommended. Physical punishment often worsens aggressive and biting behaviors or may make your puppy fearful of you. Appropriate ways to correct play biting include: standing up/walking away and stopping play the instant it becomes too rough to give a “time out”, asking Rylee to sit or perform a command that she knows, substituting a toy that she is allowed to chew on for hands or body parts, or using a product like bitter apple spray to deter licking and biting. Remember to try to reward good, calm behavior with food treats or praise to reinforce behaviors you want.

Some people also have good success with “yipping” anytime the puppy bites or puts her teeth on your skin. The “yip” mimics how another dog would respond if bitten too hard during play, and Rylee should back off if she realizes her bite hurts. You could also try gently holding the puppy’s mouth closed for 5-10 seconds while saying “Good dog, close your mouth,” or similar words. Whatever method you try, use it every time and make sure all members in the household are using the same method as consistency in training is key.
I hope this information helps you in teaching Rylee not to bite. Additional information can be found at or ask your veterinarian at Rylee’s next exam!

Submitted by:  Dr. Sabrina Walters