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Top Five GIfts for Cats

Feliz Navidad to Your Feline!

            Many of us include our furry friends in our holiday events.  If you are among those of us who buy Christmas or Hanukah presents for your cat, here are some gift ideas sure to bring them joy this year.

            A drinking fountain for your cat is a great way to keep him happy AND healthy.  Cats in general are not big water drinkers, but most cats love to drink fresh running water.  Cats who do not drink enough often have urinary problems.  Keep kitties hydrated with a fountain.  Some tips on choosing a fountain: the Drinkwell plastic fountain seems to be a popular model, but consider a ceramic or stainless steel fountain that is easy to clean (preferably dishwasher safe) as plastic models can become cracked over time and may harbor bacteria.  Look for one with a quiet motor as cats may be frightened of the fountain if it makes a loud noise. 

            Let’s face it, cats like to stretch those toes and scratch.  There are a wide variety of scratching posts and pads available to delight your cat and allow her to exploit those instincts to sharpen her claws.  Choose from natural materials like wood or sisal, cardboard, carpet and others. 

            Cats love to chase things and most of our cats could use a little exercise to work off those extra holiday pounds!  The old standbys like feather wands that you wave for kitty to chase provide great entertainment for you and kitty and allow for bonding time with your cat.  Laser lights are also popular and most cats love to chase that red dot!

            It’s a bit of a splurge, but a cat condo or cat “tree” also makes a fabulous gift for your feline friend, especially if there are multiple cats in the house.  Cat condos provide a perch, a place to escape as well as a place to scratch.  These are all good and necessary things for a happy cat according to the Indoor Cat Initiative group at Dr. Schmidt’s alma mater, THE Ohio State University.  What cat wouldn’t love something to climb on, hide in and scratch up?  If you or someone in your family is crafty, you may even be able to build your own. 

            Finally, there are several interactive cat toys on the market that will keep your kitty entertained, even if you are not at home.  The Petstages Cheese Chase and the Interactive Bergan Catnip Cyclone which is a ball in a closed track are popular versions available at Petco.  These do not take batteries and are non-motorized, always a plus in my book!   The Cat’s Meow toy is a motorized version where a “mouse” runs around a track under a piece of fabric. 

            So, hopefully, this gives you gift ideas for the fabulous feline in your life.  What are you getting your cat this year?  We’d love to hear your gift ideas, too!

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