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Many Essential Oils May be Harmful to Pets

Are Essential Oils Safe for my Pet?             Use of natural products and essential oils is very popular right now.  Since these products are natural, they should be safe for people Read More

Bringing Awareness About Cancer in Our Pets

Cancer in Companion Animals                 Cancer is a very scary word that no one every wants to hear as a diagnosis.  There are many, many types of cancer and we see Read More

Are Bengal Cats Really Immune to Feline Leukemia?

A Look at the Origin of the Myth of Feline Leukemia Resistance in Bengals                Dr. Schmidt recently shared with me that he has had a few clients who have adopted Read More

Top Five GIfts for Cats

Feliz Navidad to Your Feline!             Many of us include our furry friends in our holiday events.  If you are among those of us who buy Christmas or Hanukah presents for Read More

Calming Your Cat With Clipnosis

Your Cat is Getting Verrry Sleeeepy!                 Do you wish your cat were calmer at the veterinary office or that you could trim her nails or comb out a mat in Read More

Viewing 1 - 5 out of 5 posts