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Veterinary Technicians

Mandy, Technician Coordinator

Adopted: May 2021

Mandy joined the Patton team as a technician in May 2021. Mandy is a Red Lion native and 2007 graduate of Lebanon Valley College with a BS in biology. 

Mandy has two Labrador Retrievers who are littermates-Lily, a black Lab and Chubbs, a yellow Lab who love running and swimming on her farm.  Mandy cites growing up on a farm with a love of animals as the reason for pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.  She now has a farm of her own and is excited to share her love of animals with her children.

In her free time, Mandy can be found working on her family’s or her parents’ farm and growing pumpkins to sell at a roadside stand. She also enjoys gardening and being a mom.  Mandy loves to travel and had an opportunity to tour parts of Europe including France, Italy and Switzerland with the Pennsylvania Ambassadors of Music in 2004, but her bucket list includes a trip to Ireland and Germany to explore her family roots.

After living and working in Lebanon County for 13 years Mandy returned to Red Lion in 2019 when an opportunity arose to buy her own farm.  She says, “Finding a job closer to home to be able to be a part of the local community and be able to enjoy more time with my family was a big benefit of being able to come work at PVH.”  Mandy’s favorite quote is one by author and Homestead blogger Kathy Bernier, “There is nothing finer than living and dreaming like a farm girl.”

Though she may be a farm girl at heart, Mandy is an excellent small animal technician and we’re happy she returned to Red Lion and found her way to Patton. We’re so excited to have her as part of the Patton family! 

Kacie, Inpatient Tech Supervisor


Adopted: June 2015

Number of Pets: 2 dogs, Sully and Opal

Kacie Yeakel came to the PVH family in June 2015 by a different way than most: her family members were established clients at the hospital, and that’s how she first came to considering possible employment here.

“I absolutely love animals, especially dogs, and from being a client, [PVH] seemed like a really nice and professional place to be,” she says. Read More

Jenn, Inpatient/Surgery Techs


Adopted: September 2010
A native of Lancaster County, Jennifer Gates joined the staff of PVH in August 2010. She is a graduate of both Columbia High School and Willow St Vocational Technical School, where she completed veterinary technician courses. She has been an animal lover all her life, and fondly recalls the times she spent volunteering at the Lancaster Humane League. Read More

Emily, Inpatient/Surgery Techs


Adopted: November 2018

Emily joined the Patton Veterinary Hospital’s Animal Care team in November, 2018. She is a York native and graduate of Dallastown High School. Emily spent three years at Millersville with the intention of becoming a history teacher, but she changed her mind and decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine enrolling in York Technical Institute’s veterinary technician program instead. Read More

Juls, Inpatient/Surgery Techs

Adopted: May 2021

Julianne, better known as Juls, joined Patton Veterinary Hospital as one of our surgery technicians in May, 2021.  Juls’ hometown is Norrisville, MD and she earned her BS degree in biology as a graduate of Bridgewater College, Virginia. 

Juls has always had “a passion for caring for animals and their owners,” which has grown stronger over the years. Growing up on a farm, she has had many pets and currently resides with seven cats, a bearded dragon, a red eared slider, and two dogs rescued from St. Maarten Island. Juls also has a donkey who is currently living with her grandfather in New York!

Juls has four children and an active lifestyle! She belongs to Barrens Soccer Club and Beachbody Fitness and she loves being outdoors with her family, hiking, sight-seeing and visiting amusement parks.  She crossed one item off her bucket list when she had the opportunity to travel to Europe for pre-season college soccer but she aims to add a skydiving experience to her list in the future!

Juls says, “Growing up, I always helped my grandparents out on the farm.  Being a Momma of four kids was my first dream come true and sharing my love for pets with my family is my second dream come true.  Our pets each have ‘their own owner’ within our home. Each pet has their own story of how they came to our forever home.  [They] know how much they are loved and get spoiled with attention…every day.”

Her favorite quote is, “Hear much, say little; Say little, say it well,” which seems like wise advice to follow! Juls is a welcome addition to our staff and we are excited to have her as part of our Patton surgery team!

Brianna, Inpatient/Surgery Techs

Adopted: December 2020

Brianna joined Patton Veterinary Hospital as a technician in December 2020, though she had previously been part of our Animal Care Team from 2016-2017.  A graduate of Red Lion High School and Manor College, Brianna lives in Red Lion and has two dogs, Emmitt, a Great Dane mix and Bella a beagle mix, both of which she adopted from the SPCA.

Brianna has always loved animals and had initially wanted to be a veterinarian but changed her mind while working in animal care when she got to see what veterinary technicians do and decided wanted to go to vet tech school.

Reading and listening to music are among Brianna’s hobbies and she loves hiking and spending time with her family and pets.  She has a desire to visit all fifty states and is off to a good start having been to twenty-three so far!

She says, “I loved working at Patton Vet in high school and learned so much so I knew when I was a tech, I wanted to come back to this hospital.”  We’re so happy that Brianna has chosen to return to Patton Veterinary Hospital and are thrilled to have her as part of the vet tech team!  

Rachel, Inpatient/Surgery Techs

Brandy, Outpatient Techs


Adopted: February 2012
Brandy Brenner joined the PVH nursing staff in February 2012. A graduate of Dover High School, Brandy worked for several years at Valley Green Veterinary Hospital in Etters, and at The Meadows Pet Resort in Strinestown. Although her working life has mainly been spent in animal care, Brandy admits that this was never a conscious decision. She believes that her work in the veterinary field came about naturally.
Read More

Beth CVT, Outpatient Techs


Adopted: January 2018

Beth joined our hospital as a veterinary technician in January 2018. Beth is a certified veterinary technician with a degree from Wilson College. She has also taken some canine rehabilitation classes at the University of Tennessee. Beth joined the veterinary field because of her love of animals, science and helping people. Read More

 Tera CVT Training Coordinator


Adopted: September 2019

Tera joined Patton as a veterinary technician in September 2019. She graduated from Susquehannock High School and completed her veterinary technician program at York Technical Institute in 2018. Residing in Shrewsbury, Tera is “mom” to a menagerie of pets including Luigi her Bichon whom she rescued from a hoarding situation and credits for being her inspiration to join the veterinary field. She also has several other dogs, two cats, a rabbit named Dopey, Cleopatra the leopard gecko, Macchiato the hamster, Toby the guinea pig, Turq the parakeet and a yellow slider turtle named Mikey. Read More

Angelica, CVT


Adopted: December 2019

Allison, Technician Assistants


Adopted: April 2021

Say hello to Allison! She joined Patton Veterinary Hospital in April 2021 as our new veterinary assistant. Allison hails from Brogue and is a graduate of Red Lion Area Senior High School. She is currently attending York Technical Institute’s veterinary technician program. She has always wanted to work with animals and is very excited to finish school and begin her career as a certified vet tech.

Allison has a Shih Tzu named Spike and she loves hiking and the great outdoors.  If she had a free day, she would spend it shopping with friends and visiting Starbucks.  Allison also aspires to travel and visiting tropical locales is on her bucket list!

Her personal motto is “Always try to reach your goals, no matter what stands in your way”--good words to live by! Patton is proud to have Allison as part of our team and to provide a stepping stone on her journey to becoming a veterinary technician.


Adopted: May 2021

Sara officially joined the Patton Veterinary hospital as a veterinary technician in May, 2021 after her YTI externship at our hospital. Sara’s hometown is Wrightsville and she is a graduate of Eastern York High School and York Technical Institute’s veterinary technician program.

Sara chose a career in veterinary medicine because she, “really enjoy[s] science and working with animals.”  Sara says, “This is something I have wanted to do ever since I was old enough to understand what a career was. Anytime someone asked me what I wanted to be, I would always instantly say, ‘veterinary technician’.”  She chose Patton because she enjoyed her externship with us and likes our fear free approach and separate cat hospital.

Sara enjoys spending time at Crunch Gym as well as spending time with her two ginger cats, Luna and Nala.  Sara has an adventurous spirit: If she had a day to do anything she wished, she would spend it exploring a place she’d never been before or doing something she’d never done before like sky-diving or mountain climbing.  Sara has crossed horseback riding off her bucket list but hopes to learn SCUBA diving one day!

Her favorite quote is from poet E. E. Cummings—“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” In other words, “Don’t be afraid to be a ‘Fruit Loop’ in a bowl of Cheerios.” Excellent advice and we are so proud to have Sara as part of the Patton Family!


Adopted: Aug 2021