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  • Choosing the Right Joint Supplement for Your Pet
    Could Joint Supplements Be Right For Your Pet?                 Arthritis and other joint problems are common in older pets.  In fact, an estimated 50-60% of dogs and cats over the age Read more
  • Do You Have to Give up Your Pet if You Have a Compromised Immune System?
    Should Immune-compromised People Avoid Pets?             Pets provide comfort and health benefits such as reduced blood pressure and reduced anxiety.  But, they may pose health risks to those who have compromised Read more
  • Anemia--When There's Not Enough Blood
    Causes of Anemia in Dogs and Cats                 Anemia, a decreased number of red blood cells in the body, is a fairly common problem in dogs and cats.  Why do we Read more
  • Canine and Feline Conjunctivitis
    Why is that Eye so Red?                 Cats and dogs can get conjunctivitis characterized by redness, swelling and discharge from the eye for multiple reasons.  The conjunctiva is the pink membrane Read more
  • Is Pumpkin Pie Spice Harmful to Your Pet?
    The Dangers of Pumpkin Spice                 Pumpkin spice is found in everything and I mean everything this time of year (pumpkin spice butter?  Pumpkin spice soda?—yeech!).  Confession, I don’t really like Read more
  • What’s the difference between a DVM and a VMD degree?
    Hey, Doc!  Did you get your license at the DMV?                 Since I am a VMD and all our other doctors are DVMs, I am frequently asked by our clients, “What Read more
  • Making a Visit to the Vet Easier for Your Cat
    How Can I Make my Cat’s Trip to the Veterinary Office Go More Smoothly? Cat are very curious animals by nature. They are also very quick to pick up on visual Read more
  • Recognizing Signs of Fear, Anxiety and Stress in Dogs
    How Do I Know When my Dog is Stressed?      There are many times throughout the day when your dog may feel uncomfortable with the activities occurring around him or even Read more
  • Ringworm in Dogs and Cats
    Ringworm in Dogs and Cats             Ringworm is not a worm as the name suggests but rather a skin infection caused by several species of fungus that can infect dogs, cats Read more
  • Encouraging Cats to Work for Their Food May Promote Weight Loss
    Foraging Felines                 Obesity in pets is a growing problem (no pun intended!) in the United States.  Fifty-eight percent of cats are considered to be overweight.  Obese cats have an increased Read more
  • How Do I Know if My Dogs are Fighting or Exhibiting Normal Play Behavior?
    Are They Playing or Fighting?                 Dogs frequently exhibit exuberant and noisy play.  But how do you tell if growling and sparring is more than just play and when should you Read more
  • Human Medications That May be Toxic to Pets
    Toxic Medications—Don’t Give that to Your Pet!                 Many people think that if a medication they take themselves is okay, it must be safe give to give to their pet.  But, Read more
  • What You Should Know About Ticks
    Tick-borne illnesses in Dogs in York County                 Ticks are external parasites in the arachnid family which also includes spiders and mites.  There are multiple species of ticks.  The most common Read more
  • What Can You Do to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer?
    Keeping Pets Cool in the Dog Days of Summer                 This summer has been a hot one in York! And with a month or more of warm weather to go, here Read more
  • The Coughing Cat
    The Coughing Cat                 Cats and dogs may experience coughing for a variety of reasons.  This week’s blog discusses three common reasons your cat may be coughing, some serious, some minor.  Read more
  • Summer Hazards: Warbles, Maggots and Fly Strike
    Summer Hazards:  Warbles, Maggots and Fly Strike                 Hot, humid weather brings a multitude of insects, including many species of flies.  While generally harmless, Patton Veterinary Hospital does see some issues Read more


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