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Can I Put That in My Pet's Ear?

Can I put that in my Pet’s Ear?                Wax in the ears and ear infections are common problems with our pets.  Home remedies abound Read More

Seeking Pet Care Advice on the Internet: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

Pet Care Advice on the Internet: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy               Let’s face it, in today’s digital world, almost everyone relies on Read More

Can My Cat Eat That?! Understanding Feline Nutritional Requirements

Can my cat eat that?! Part 1 Understanding feline nutritional requirementsAs a veterinarian, pet mom, and consumer today, there are endless options for just about anything you can imagine.   Since Read More

Help Socialize Your Puppy to Reduce Fears

Help Your Puppy be a Social Butterfly               Dogs are social creatures. Most of them love being around both humans and other dogs. However, behavior Read More

Bladder Infection in Dogs and Cats

Cystitis in Dogs and Cats               Cystitis is the medical term for a bladder infection. Dogs, cats and other animals such as rabbits and guinea Read More

Dealing with Carsick Canines

Dealing with Carsick Canines               Summer travel plans often include road trips and many people take their dogs along for the ride. But, if your Read More

Pool and Water Safety for Your Pet

Pool and Water Safety for Your PetMany dogs enjoy swimming in pools, lakes and at the beach just as much as their pet parents do.  If you’re sharing your pool Read More

Problem Patellas: Kneecap injuries in Dogs and Cats

Problem Patellas:  Kneecap injuries in Dogs and Cats               The patella or kneecap is held in place by a tendon and a groove down the Read More

Dizzy Dogs: What Causes Vestibular Disease?

Dizzy Dogs: What Causes Vestibular Disease?                You come home to find your dog unable to stand up. She keeps circling or stumbling and falling, Read More

Protect Your Pet From the Sun

Dogs and cats can wear sunscreen to protect them from UV rays, but be sure to use products that do not contain PABA or zinc oxide which are toxic to pets. Read More

Patton Veterinary Has Our Own Online Pharmacy!

Patton Veterinary Hospital online pharmacy Read More

Cats and Hairballs: What are they and What Can we do to Stop Them?

We all know cats vomit from time to time—usually on the white rug or maybe on someone’s shoes.  Vomiting can be caused by any number of medical problems, but one Read More

Four Pet Myths Debunked

There are a lot of myths and mis-information about dogs and cats out there. Today, we look at four common myths about our favorite furry companions.A warm, dry nose means Read More

How Do I Know if My Pet is in Pain?

 At Patton Veterinary Hospital, we are asked this question a lot:  Is my pet in pain?  No one wants their pet to suffer, but our dogs and cats and other Read More

It's Flea and Tick Season: Is Your Pet Protected?

Even though the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, it is officially spring in Pennsylvania. That means it’s time to think about protecting your pets against those nasty Read More

Pill Your Pet Without the Drama

Our pets often need to take medications for both preventative purposes such as monthly heartworm products or sometimes on a daily basis for chronic illnesses such epilepsy or hyperthyroidism. But Read More

Viewing 241 - 256 out of 506 posts