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  • Many Essential Oils May be Harmful to Pets
    Are Essential Oils Safe for my Pet?             Use of natural products and essential oils is very popular right now.  Since these products are natural, they should be safe for people Read more
  • What is Happy Tail?
    Happy Tail Syndrome                 One of the readers of Patton’s Postings recently asked how we treat the condition known as “happy tail.”  First of all, what is happy tail?  Some dogs, Read more
  • Pets and Grieving
    Recognizing Signs of Grief in Pets                 Patton Veterinary Hospital has had several recent questions about what to do when a dog or cat appears to be grieving the loss of Read more
  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca in Dogs
    When a Dry Eye in the House is Not a Good Thing             Keratoconjuctivitis sicca, more commonly known as KCS or “dry eye” is a condition that can affect dogs due Read more
  • Patton Veterinary Hospital Celebrates Dental Health Month
    Why Does My Pet Need to Have His Teeth Cleaned?             February has long been designated as Dental Health Month for pets, but dental care is an important and often overlooked Read more
  • The North American Veterinary Conference: Coninuing Education for Vets
    Hello from Orlando! It is once again time for one of the largest veterinary conferences, the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC). Here, veterinarians from all fifty states as well as over Read more
  • Help Us Make Nail Trims for Your Pets Fear Free
    Fear Free Nail Trims                 As many of you know, one of the most challenging procedures we perform on our pets is what should be, but rarely is a simple task—the Read more
  • Three Times You May be Able to Do First Aid at Home
    Does My Pet Really Need to See the Vet?             All pets sometimes experience minor injuries or illnesses.  While Patton Veterinary Hospital is always happy to see your pets for any Read more
  • Guess What! Cats Can be Trained, Too!
    How to Train Your Cat             Everyone has lots of ideas on how to train dogs, but did you know that cats can be trained as well?  It may take a Read more
  • Remembering Those We Have Lost
    Special Ways to Honor Our Pets Who Have Passed Away            It’s no secret that people form very special bonds with their pets. In some cases, we may feel closer to Read more
  • Cats and the Avian Flu Virus
    For the Birds:  Cats in Manhattan Contracted a Strain of Avian Flu             In late December, a number of cats at a Manhattan animal shelter were confirmed to have contracted a Read more
  • New Ways to Beat the Itch of Allergies in Dogs
    New Treatments Available for Allergic Dogs Many of our patients at the Patton Veterinary Hospital come to see us due to skin allergies which may be seasonal or year-round.  While trying Read more
  • Pet-Safe Winterizing Products
    Which Ice Melt or De-Icer Products are Pet Friendly?             Winter is here and that means the potential for snow, ice and frigid temperatures which also means we need to use Read more
  • Be Cautious This Holiday Season: Potential Holiday Hazards for Pets
    Holiday Hazards 2016:  A Musical Reminder                 Christmas is fast approaching and I don’t know about you but I am NOT ready yet!  Anyway, the holidays will be over before we Read more
  • 2016 Pet-Related Holiday Events in York
    Holiday Events at Patton Veterinary Hospital and the Red Lion Area December 2016              It's hard to believe that it is Christmas time again!  Though the weather has Read more
  • What Do Cats Need for a Proper Diet?
    What Should I Feed My Cat?                 We doctors at Patton Veterinary Hospital are often asked about food and diets for both cats and dogs.  What brand?  How much to feed?  Read more


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