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  • Be Cautious This Holiday Season: Potential Holiday Hazards for Pets
    Holiday Hazards 2016:  A Musical Reminder                 Christmas is fast approaching and I don’t know about you but I am NOT ready yet!  Anyway, the holidays will be over before we Read more
  • 2016 Pet-Related Holiday Events in York
    Holiday Events at Patton Veterinary Hospital and the Red Lion Area December 2016              It's hard to believe that it is Christmas time again!  Though the weather has Read more
  • What Do Cats Need for a Proper Diet?
    What Should I Feed My Cat?                 We doctors at Patton Veterinary Hospital are often asked about food and diets for both cats and dogs.  What brand?  How much to feed?  Read more
  • Osteosarcoma: Bone Tumors
    Cancer Series:  November is Cancer Awareness Month for Pets Osteosarcoma                 Osteosarcoma is a cancer of the bones.  It most often occurs in the long bones of older, large breed dogs.  Patients Read more
  • Lymphoma
    Cancer Series: November is Cancer Awareness Month for Pets Lymphoma                 Lymphoma is a form of cancer that can affect pets of any age and can be found in nearly any organ Read more
  • Mammary Tumors in Cats and Dogs
    Cancer Series: November is Cancer Awareness Month for Pets Mammary Tumors                 October was breast cancer awareness month, but did you know that dogs and cats can get breast or mammary cancer Read more
  • Hemangiosarcoma in Pets
    Cancer Series: November is Cancer Awareness Month for Pets Hemangiosarcoma                 November marks National Pet Cancer Awareness Month.  To promote cancer awareness, we will discuss a different type of cancer affecting pets Read more
  • Top Five Halloween Hazards
    Halloween Hazards                 Fall has arrived bringing colored leaves, crisp cool air, more pumpkin-spiced items than you can imagine and, my favorite holiday, Halloween.  We have discussed things that might be Read more
  • National Veterinary Technician Week
    Help PVH Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week!                 We at Patton Veterinary Hospital have an amazing team of nurses and we invite everyone to help us celebrate and thank the wonderful Read more
  • What is a Heart Murmur?
    What Does it Mean if My Pet Has a Heart Murmur?                 At Patton Veterinary Hospital, many of our patients have heart murmurs.  Murmurs can be mild and “innocent”, or they Read more
  • Bringing Awareness About Cancer in Our Pets
    Cancer in Companion Animals                 Cancer is a very scary word that no one every wants to hear as a diagnosis.  There are many, many types of cancer and we see Read more
  • Mast Cell Tumors
    Mast Cell Tumors in Pets                 Dogs and cats can develop a variety of different types of skin tumors, many of which are benign or non-cancerous.  But one of the more Read more
  • Anal Sacculitis
    Why is my Dog Scooting His Butt on the Floor?                 I’m sure you’ve all seen dogs dragging their bottoms across the floor.  Many people mistakenly think this is a sign Read more
  • Antifreeze Toxicity in Pets
    What Happens When a Pet Drinks Antifreeze?                 Most of us know that antifreeze is toxic to pets, but what actually happens when a pet drinks antifreeze?  Antifreeze typically contains ethylene Read more
  • Charlie and the Veterinary Hospital
    Charlie and the Veterinary Hospital                 The world lost a great comic actor last week—the incomparable Gene Wilder.  Mr. Wilder made numerous movies, but he is perhaps best remembered for his Read more
  • How Do I Know if My Pet is in Pain?
    Recognizing Pain in Animals                 At Patton Veterinary Hospital, we are asked this question a lot:  Is my pet in pain?  No one wants their pet to suffer, but our dogs Read more


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