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  • Keeping Senior Pets Happy and Healthy
    Keeping Senior Pets Happy and Healthy                It’s no secret that our pets age faster than we do. But, with improved veterinary care, pets are Read more
  • How to Silence Nuisance Barking
    How to Silence Nuisance Barking                Why do dogs bark?  Well, to communicate, of course! A dog’s bark is his “voice” so to speak and Read more
  • Flea Infestations in Dogs and Cats
    Fleas Just because summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean you should stop protecting your pet against fleas.  While fleas love warm humid weather, pets can become infested with Read more
  • Mushroom Toxicity in Dogs
    Fatal Fungus:  Mushroom Toxicity in Dogs While the white button and other edible mushrooms we buy at the grocery store are not usually a problem, wild mushrooms are often toxic to Read more
  • Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?
    Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?                Cats are complex creatures to say the least, but we love our fabulous felines! When we think of cats, Read more
  • Nail Trims
    Nail Trims                One of our most requested veterinary services has been nail trims.  Trimming a dog’s or cat’s (or rabbit’s, bird’s, you name it!) Read more
  • Can Pets Get Poison Ivy?
    Can Pets Get Poison Ivy?                We probably all know the old rhyme about poison ivy—"leaves of three, let it be”—but, our pets can’t count Read more
  • Keep Pets Safe From Heat Stroke
    Keep Your Pets Safe from Heat Stroke                With temperatures in the 90’s in Pennsylvania this summer, pets (and people!) may be prone to heat Read more
  • Toxic Toads?
    Toxic Toads?                It’s a humid summer night. Your dog or cat goes outside, sniffs around in the grass, picks something up then backs away Read more
  • Skunk vs. Pet--How Can You Get Rid of Skunk Smell?
    Skunked? Learn How to Get Rid of the Smell!                Nothing on earth smells quite as bad as skunk odor.  Skunks can direct the spray Read more
  • Thunderstorm and Noise Phobias in Pets
    Storm and Noise Phobias                July fourth is just around the corner.  I know, right? Where has the summer gone already? Independence Day means fireworks Read more
  • Should I microchip my pet?
    Should I Microchip My Pet?             The main purpose of having a microchip implanted is so that your pet can be reunited with you in the Read more
  • Ewww! Hairballs!
    Ewww! Hairballs!                If you own a cat, chances are very high that you’ve seen a hairball first hand.  That hacking gagging sound followed by Read more
  • Fleas and Ticks on Cats
    Fleas and Ticks on Cats                It’s hard to believe it’s June already and summer is just around the corner.  Hot, humid weather is prime Read more
  • Giardia Infection in Dogs and Cats
    Giardia in Dogs and Cats                Giardia is a fairly common parasite in York County and South Central Pennsylvania.  But what exactly is giardia and Read more
  • Dogs are Being Trained to Detect Coronavirus by Scent
    Dogs are being trained to detect coronavirus by scent                Dogs have incredible noses. Their acute sense of smell allows them to perform search and Read more


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Read What Our Clients Say

    Very nice pet hospital. We were extremely pleased. Impressed by the education they give you as well. Our dog had her teeth cleaned and the nurse spent 10 minutes going over post-op procedures. Also we needed to come back in one week to have sutures looked at and they don't charge you an office visit for that like Leader Heights Animal Hospital would do


    I am extremely happy with the care that my puppy Cody received when he had his recent hip surgery. I highly recommend Patton Veterinary Hospital.

    Allison & Troy W.

    I would absolutely recommend Patton to anyone who has pets. Fabulous service every time by all the staff. Thank you


    The entire staff is courteous, friendly, and helpful. They all seem to have a true love for all pets. They follow-up promptly and we have never had a problem with any of the doctors (Dr. Doug is our primary) or any of the other staff.

    Charles & Sally