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  • Thunderstorm Phobias in Dogs and Cats
    Storm and Noise Phobias                 Summer often brings thunderstorms and celebrations involving fireworks.  Many dogs (and some cats!) can be fearful of these and other loud noises.  Pets may pant, pace, Read more
  • Cat Abscesses
    Feline Abscesses are Common in Summer                 With warmer weather, some of our feline friends spend more time outside where they may come in contact with other cats or prey animals.  Read more
  • Seasona Allergies: What's Making My Pet so Itchy?
    Seasonal Allergies:  What’s Making My Pet so Itchy?                 Just like people who suffer from hay fever, spring and fall are prime times for our pets to show signs of seasonal Read more
  • Return of the Cicadas
    Return of the Cicadas:  Are these noisy insects harmful to pets?                 Spring and summer generally herald the return of the cicadas and their incessant song.  These large bodied, clumsy flying Read more
  • Top Ten Toxic Plants to Pets
    Pretty Poisons:  Top Ten Plants Toxic to Pets Spring has arrived in York County at last!  And all these April and May showers are bringing about lots of spring blooms.  While Read more
  • Preventing Ticks
    Ticks!  How to Prevent Those Icky Arachnids from Harming Your Pets                According to a recent news reports, due to the relatively warm winter, we can expect to see large numbers Read more
  • May 3rd is Specially-Abled Pets Day!
    Celebrate the Triumph of the Animal Spirit                Just as there are many differently-abled people in the world, pets also often deal with a variety of medical issues that affect their Read more
  • Music Therapy for Pets
    Can Music Really Soothe the Savage Beast?:  Using Music to Calm Our Pets                Patton Veterinary Hospital has been working to reduce stress and fear in our patients using a variety Read more
  • What Should I Do if I Find an Injured Baby Bird or Mammal?
    Don’t Create Orphans!  How to Handle Finding Immature or Injured Wildlife             Spring weather typically means the resurgence of wildlife and lots of new babies being born in the wild.  We Read more
  • Tips for Monitoring Your Pet's Quality of Life
    How Do I Know It Is Time To Say Goodbye?             As our pets age or become ill, it can be difficult to know what they are feeling and when it Read more
  • Patton Veterinary Hospital Using Updated Lyme Vaccine
    Protect Your Dog with the New Vanguard crLyme Vaccine Patton Veterinary Hospital is excited to announce that we have started using an updated version of our current Lyme vaccine manufactured by Read more
  • Protect Your Pets and Family from Common Parasites
    Protect Your Pets and Family from Parasites                Springtime means warm weather (well, warm-ish around here!) and more time spent outside with our children and pets.  This translates to more exposure Read more
  • Fun Facts About Rabbits
    It’s Time for the Easter Bunny!                Many of us celebrate Easter this Sunday and lots of children are hoping for a visit from the Easter Bunny.  I thought I would Read more
  • A Look at Irish Breeds for St. Patrick's Day
    A Look at the Irish Wolfhound and other Irish Dog Breeds                This week, we once again celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  In honor of the day, I thought we might look Read more
  • Kidney Transplants in Cats
    Feline Kidney Transplants at the University of Pennsylvania                Chronic kidney failure is a common illness in senior cats.  Once patients display symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, increased Read more
  • Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats
    Otitis in Pets             Your dog is constantly shaking his head, scratching his ears, or rubbing his head on the floor.  Your cat is digging in her ears with her back Read more


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Read What Our Clients Say

    Very nice pet hospital. We were extremely pleased. Impressed by the education they give you as well. Our dog had her teeth cleaned and the nurse spent 10 minutes going over post-op procedures. Also we needed to come back in one week to have sutures looked at and they don't charge you an office visit for that like Leader Heights Animal Hospital would do


    I am extremely happy with the care that my puppy Cody received when he had his recent hip surgery. I highly recommend Patton Veterinary Hospital.

    Allison & Troy W.

    I would absolutely recommend Patton to anyone who has pets. Fabulous service every time by all the staff. Thank you


    The entire staff is courteous, friendly, and helpful. They all seem to have a true love for all pets. They follow-up promptly and we have never had a problem with any of the doctors (Dr. Doug is our primary) or any of the other staff.

    Charles & Sally