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  • Cats and Hairballs: What are they and What Can we do to Stop Them?
    We all know cats vomit from time to time—usually on the white rug or maybe on someone’s shoes.  Vomiting can be caused by any number of medical problems, but one Read more
  • Four Pet Myths Debunked
    There are a lot of myths and mis-information about dogs and cats out there. Today, we look at four common myths about our favorite furry companions.A warm, dry nose means Read more
  • How Do I Know if My Pet is in Pain?
     At Patton Veterinary Hospital, we are asked this question a lot:  Is my pet in pain?  No one wants their pet to suffer, but our dogs and cats and other Read more
  • It's Flea and Tick Season: Is Your Pet Protected?
    Even though the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, it is officially spring in Pennsylvania. That means it’s time to think about protecting your pets against those nasty Read more
  • Pill Your Pet Without the Drama
    Our pets often need to take medications for both preventative purposes such as monthly heartworm products or sometimes on a daily basis for chronic illnesses such epilepsy or hyperthyroidism. But Read more
  • Prosthetics for Pets
    In keeping with my recent theme of technological advances for pets with Televet remote medicine and the Freestyle Libre glucose monitor, let’s talk about the use of 3-D printers in Read more
  • Rabbit Reproduction and What to Do if you Find a Rabbit’s Nest
    With Easter just around the corner, bunnies are everywhere!  The Eastern Cottontail rabbit is the main species in Pennsylvania.  Wild rabbits begin nesting mid-March through earlySeptember. A rabbit doe can Read more
  • Telemedicine Comes to Patton Veterinary Hospital with Televet
    Ever wished you could contact your vet and get help from home instead of bringing your pet to the veterinary office?  With telemedicine and a new app called Televet, this Read more
  • The Scoop on Dogs Eating Poop: Can Dogs Get Sick from Ingesting Stool from Other Species?
    We love our dogs and many of us kiss our dogs and allow them to lick or kiss us, too.  But, if you have a dog who eats poo (also Read more
  • Toxic Cleaning Solution Myths
    The internet and social media can be great for finding information and for entertainment. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there, too.  This week, we look at some Read more
  • What Causes Bloat in Dogs?
    Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV), more commonly known as “bloat” is a life-threatening condition that occurs most commonly in large and giant breed dogs.  The stomach fills with gas, then Read more
  • Prostate Issues in Dogs and Cats
    Prostate Issues In Dogs and Cats Let’s face it, nobody likes a prostate exam. But, sometimes something goes wrong with the prostate requiring that weDogs can experience three main issues with their prostate glands: Prostate infection/prostatitis, benign prostatic hypertrophy or enlarged prostate gland and prostate cancer. Cats rarely develop problems with their prostates. Read more
  • Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats: Fighting Otitis
    Is your dog shaking her head a lot? Does your cat have a lot of waxy stuff in his ears?  Is there a bad odor coming from your pet’s ears? Read more
  • My Deadly Valentine
    My Deadly Valentine               OK, I admit, the title is a bit dramatic, but, hopefully, it has you intrigued. Valentine’s Day is a day to Read more
  • Keep Pets Safe and Warm This Winter with these Cold Weather Tips
    Cold Weather Hazards               Pennsylvania winters can be a mixed bag as far as temperatures and precipitation go, and while we are currently experiencing a Read more
  • Vaccines for Bees?
    Vaccines for Bees?              No one likes to be stung by a bee, but the truth is, that honeybees are vital to agricultural systems throughout Read more


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