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  • Parvovirus in Dogs
    A Word About Parvovirus                Parvovirus is a deadly virus that affects mostly young, unvaccinated dogs.  While cases seem to be more prevalent in the summer, we recently had a patient Read more
  • Studies Show Second-Hand Smoke Affects Pets, Too
    Second-Hand Smoke Can Be Harmful to Pets                It’s a brand new year and many people have made goals to lose weight, to get in shape or perhaps, to quit smoking.  Read more
  • Resolutions to Keep Your Pets Healthy in the Coming Year
    Frankie and Marty's New Year’s Resolutions                Frankie and Marty wanted to share some of their Resolutions for the New Year.  I don’t know how successful they will be at keeping Read more
  • Reindeer Facts for Christmas!
    Fun Facts About Santa’s Reindeer             Since Christmas is this week, I thought I would share some fun facts about Santa’s main mode of transport—The Reindeer.             Reindeer are also known as Read more
  • Keep Your Pet Safe from Winter Hazards
    Winter Hazards for Pets                Yes, it’s that time of year again when we need to be reminded of some winter hazards that could harm your pets.  I know, I know, Read more
  • A Christmas Wish
    My Christmas Wish                It doesn’t seem like Christmas, and I don’t mean just the unseasonably warm weather.   While the stores have been decorated for months, radio stations started playing holiday Read more
  • Patton Veterinary Hospital Offers PennHIP Screening for Dogs
    Patton Veterinary Hospital Now Offers PennHIP Screening                Hip dysplasia is a common problem in large breed dogs.  The hip is a “ball and socket” joint where the ball of the Read more
  • Veterinary Technology at Patton Veterinary Hospital
    Advanced Technology Used In Veterinary Care             Just as in human medicine, there have been many technological advances in the veterinary field.  Patton Veterinary Hospital made the switch years ago from Read more
  • Motion Sickness in Dogs and Cats
    Urp! My Pet Got Sick in the Car! Causes and Treatment of Motion Sickness in Dogs and Cats While many dogs (and a few cats) enjoy riding in the car, for others, Read more
  • Holiday Happenings at Patton Veterinary Hospital
                                               Holiday Happenings at Patton Veterinary Hospital                We have been enjoying a relatively warm fall, but the spicy scent of fall leaves and the brisk chill in the morning air Read more
  • Intervertebral Disk Disease in Dogs
    Ow, My Aching Back!                I feel like I have had a run on dogs with back and neck injuries lately.  I’m not sure why there have been so many cases—I Read more
  • Thank You Veterans!!!
    A Salute to Our Veterans and Their Canine Companions                This week, we celebrate Veterans Day, a day to say “thank you” to all the men and women in our country Read more
  • Lepto-Spiro-What?
    Leptospirosis:  Is Your Dog at Risk?                Leptospirosis is caused by several strains of bacteria of the group Leptospira.  These bacteria are spread in the urine of animals such as rats, Read more
  • Happy Halloween!
    Bonus Blog--Happy Halloween!                 Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it seems I am not alone.  Americans spent 7.4 billion dollars on Halloween decorations, candy and costumes last year.  And we Read more
  • Creepy Critters as Pets
    Non-Traditional Pets                Spiders, rats and snakes are the stuff of nightmares for some people, but did you know many people actually keep these animals as pets?  Truth is if you Read more
  • Does My Dog Need Human Food to Be Healthy?
    Are Vegetables and Other Foods Good For My Pet?      A client recently posed a question on Patton Veterinary Hospital’s Facebook page asking whether it was necessary to feed dogs vegetables Read more


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