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  • Mast Cell Tumors
    Mast Cell Tumors in Pets                 Dogs and cats can develop a variety of different types of skin tumors, many of which are benign or non-cancerous.  But one of the more Read more
  • Anal Sacculitis
    Why is my Dog Scooting His Butt on the Floor?                 I’m sure you’ve all seen dogs dragging their bottoms across the floor.  Many people mistakenly think this is a sign Read more
  • Antifreeze Toxicity in Pets
    What Happens When a Pet Drinks Antifreeze?                 Most of us know that antifreeze is toxic to pets, but what actually happens when a pet drinks antifreeze?  Antifreeze typically contains ethylene Read more
  • Charlie and the Veterinary Hospital
    Charlie and the Veterinary Hospital                 The world lost a great comic actor last week—the incomparable Gene Wilder.  Mr. Wilder made numerous movies, but he is perhaps best remembered for his Read more
  • How Do I Know if My Pet is in Pain?
    Recognizing Pain in Animals                 At Patton Veterinary Hospital, we are asked this question a lot:  Is my pet in pain?  No one wants their pet to suffer, but our dogs Read more
  • Is an Iguana a Good Pet For You?
    Do Iguanas Make Good Pets?                 While reptiles are not my forte, Doctors Doug and Kevin Schmidt and Dr. Spencer at Patton Veterinary Hospital do see reptiles and other exotic pets.  Read more
  • Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day this Week
    August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day!                 Black cats are most often associated with Halloween and bad luck, at least in this country.  But did you know that in many Read more
  • Continuing Education and the Veterinary Oath
    The Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association and Continuing Education                 All veterinarians take an oath that we strive to uphold: The veterinarian's oath Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to Read more
  • Patton Veterinary Hospital Offers Screening Blood Tests
    Annual Screening Blood Tests To Be Offered at All Well Visits             From now on, when your pet next comes to see us for a well care visit, our nurses and Read more
  • Dog Park Etiquette
    How to Have a  Safe, Happy Time at the Dog Park                 Summer is a popular time at many dog parks and Canine Meadows at John Rudy County Park in York Read more
  • A Fun Look at Patton's Cat Hospital
    I'm posting something a little different this week—this was a fun take I wrote about our cat hospital published a few months ago in the Women’s Journal which is a Read more
  • Bladder Stones in Dogs and Cats
    Bladder Stones in Pets                 Dogs and cats who are straining to urinate, have bloody urine or are urinating frequent small amounts may have a bladder infection, but another common cause Read more
  • All About Hairballs
    Why Does My Cat Have Hairballs?             If you own a cat, you have no doubt seen—or stepped on—a hairball.  I’m not talking about tumble weeds of hair on the carpet Read more
  • Marijuana Toxicity in Pets
    Marijuana Toxicity in Pets On May 17, 2016, Pennsylvania’s Act 16 went into effect which will allow legal use of marijuana in the state for medicinal purposes.  With increased human usage Read more
  • Summer Hazards For Pets
    Summer Hazards The official start of summer has finally come to York, but with it can come some dangers to pets that everyone should be aware of.  Besides leaving a pet Read more
  • Thunderstorm Phobias in Dogs and Cats
    Storm and Noise Phobias                 Summer often brings thunderstorms and celebrations involving fireworks.  Many dogs (and some cats!) can be fearful of these and other loud noises.  Pets may pant, pace, Read more


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