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  • Hyperthyroidism in Cats
    Hyperthyroidism in Cats                 One of the most common illnesses seen in senior cats at Patton Veterinary Hospital is hyperthyroidism.  But what exactly is this disease, and what can be done Read more
  • Common Questions About Kittens
    Top Three Questions from New Kitten Owners                 We see lots of new kittens at Patton, particularly in the summer.  If you are a first time kitten owner, you may have Read more
  • Common Causes of Feline House Soiling
    Why Isn’t my Cat Using Her Litter Box?                 One of the most frequent and most frustrating reasons for owners to bring their cat to the vet is for urinating (and Read more
  • Safe Chew Toys and Treats for Dogs
    What Can I Give My Dog To Satisfy His Chewing Needs?                  Most dogs love to chew, and there is no shortage of product to try to satisfy this basal urge Read more
  • Sunscreen Options for Pets
    Does My Pet Need Sunscreen?                 Long summer days increase the risk for sunburn in people.  Did you know that dogs and cats can be prone to sunburn, too?  Those pets Read more
  • Blue-Green Algae Can be Fatal to Pets
    Beware:  Toxic Algae May Harm Pets                 If you have a pond in your backyard or hike with your dog in areas where there are standing bodies of water, beware of Read more
  • Anti-Anxiety Medications Can Reduce Fear in Pets Prior to Veterinary Visits
    Low Stress Veterinary Visits: the Benefits of Anti-Anxiety Medications             Patton Veterinary Hospital is working towards Fear Free Certification which means that we are striving to make changes so a visit Read more
  • Hazardous Creatures--Summer Hazards Part 2
    Summer Hazards Part 2                 It's getting hot out there!   June 21 marks the official first day of summer, and while we are all ready to enjoy the warm weather, Read more
  • Three Things That Could Harm Your Pet This Summer
    Summer Hazards Part 1      The heat is on!  Summer officially arrives June 21, and while we are all ready to enjoy the warm weather, there are some things that could Read more
  • Grain-Free Diets Linked to Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Some Golden Retrievers
    Could a Grain-Free Diet Be Bad for Your Golden?                 Grain-free diets for pets are quite popular these days.  And while they are typically good quality diets, dogs are omnivores eating Read more
  • Five myths about mosquitos and heartworm disease in pets
    Mosquito Myths        Warm, humid weather has arrived and so soon will those annoying mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes carry numerous types of illnesses infecting both humans and animals, but the one we worry Read more
  • World Turtle Day
    World Turtle Day-Help Protect Turtles May 23, 2018 has been designated World Turtle Day.  Did you know that turtle and tortoise habitats are disappearing around the world?  While turtles can make Read more
  • Patton's Fear Free Veterinary Plan
    The Fear Free Veterinary Plan      The Fear Free Veterinary Initiative is a new way of reducing Fear, Anxiety and Stress (FAS) at the vet.  When formulating a fear free plan, Read more
  • It's Time for Tick Prevention
    Protect Your Pet Against Ticks                 Warm weather has finally arrived in York!  But, it’s not all good. The coming of our long awaited spring brings not only sunny days and Read more
  • Why is My Dog Wheezing/Snorting Like That?
    What is a Reverse Sneeze?                 You come home from work and greet your dog who is very excited to see you.  Suddenly, he starts wheezing and snorting, sounding as though Read more
  • Which Foods Could Harm Your Pet?
    Common Foods Toxic to Pets                 Most of us know that chocolate and grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs and cats, but there are many other foods that can be Read more


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