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A Look at Irish Breeds for St. Patrick's Day

A Look at the Irish Wolfhound and other Irish Dog Breeds                This week, we once again celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  In honor of the day, I thought we might look Read More

Kidney Transplants in Cats

Feline Kidney Transplants at the University of Pennsylvania                Chronic kidney failure is a common illness in senior cats.  Once patients display symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, increased Read More

Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats

Otitis in Pets             Your dog is constantly shaking his head, scratching his ears, or rubbing his head on the floor.  Your cat is digging in her ears with her back Read More

Cantankerous Calicos

Does Coat Color Really Influence a Cat's Behavior?                We often joke that calico and tortoiseshell cats are a little feistier than other cats.  But it turns out that cats with Read More

Could My Cat Have Hyperthyroid Disease?

Hyperthyroidism in Cats              Hyperthyroid disease (overactive thyroid gland) is a very common condition in older cats.  Patton Veterinary Hospital sees frequent cases, and nearly one out of ten senior cats Read More

February is Dental Health Month

Patton Veterinary Hospital Celebrates Dental Health Month in February                Did you know that up to seventy-five percent of dogs and cats have some degree of dental disease by age three?  Read More

The Benefits of Microchips For Your Pet

Why Should I Microchip My Pet?             It can happen in an instant.  Someone leaves the door open a second too long, and your cat or dog darts outside not wearing Read More

Pyometra in Dogs and Cats

What On Earth is a Pyometra?                We have had two recent cases of a fairly common condition known as pyometra, so I thought that would be a good topic for Read More

Reminiscing About the Pennsylvania Farm Show

A Visit to the Pennsylvania State Farm Show                 Being a Harrisburg native (well, full disclosure, I’m from Enola, but close enough!) the Pennsylvania Farm Show has always been a big Read More

Parvovirus in Dogs

A Word About Parvovirus                Parvovirus is a deadly virus that affects mostly young, unvaccinated dogs.  While cases seem to be more prevalent in the summer, we recently had a patient Read More

Studies Show Second-Hand Smoke Affects Pets, Too

Second-Hand Smoke Can Be Harmful to Pets                It’s a brand new year and many people have made goals to lose weight, to get in shape or perhaps, to quit smoking.  Read More

Resolutions to Keep Your Pets Healthy in the Coming Year

Frankie and Marty's New Year’s Resolutions                Frankie and Marty wanted to share some of their Resolutions for the New Year.  I don’t know how successful they will be at keeping Read More

Reindeer Facts for Christmas!

Fun Facts About Santa’s Reindeer             Since Christmas is this week, I thought I would share some fun facts about Santa’s main mode of transport—The Reindeer.             Reindeer are also known as Read More

Keep Your Pet Safe from Winter Hazards

Winter Hazards for Pets                Yes, it’s that time of year again when we need to be reminded of some winter hazards that could harm your pets.  I know, I know, Read More

A Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish                It doesn’t seem like Christmas, and I don’t mean just the unseasonably warm weather.   While the stores have been decorated for months, radio stations started playing holiday Read More

Patton Veterinary Hospital Offers PennHIP Screening for Dogs

Patton Veterinary Hospital Now Offers PennHIP Screening                Hip dysplasia is a common problem in large breed dogs.  The hip is a “ball and socket” joint where the ball of the Read More

Viewing 417 - 432 out of 506 posts